How to refresh the appearance of furniture with the help of crepe paper

Refreshing the interior does not necessarily imply great expense and costly details – you need only a little goodwill and free afternoon!

If you want to bring in colors to your home and revive the boring monochrome pieces of furniture, then you should certainly try this project yourself.

You will need a crepe of paper or monochromatic napkins, woodfix and a chair or armchair that needs a refreshment wink!

See the manual and find out how to achieve this interesting geometric effect on your furniture and get an effective detail in your interior.

Required material:

– Pencil, liner and paper,
– Drvofiks,
– Painting sponge,
– Cream paper or napkins in color,
– Scissors.


Step 1: Create a template that will help you cut the identical pieces of crepe paper or napkins. Make a square, a petougar, a triangle, a circle, or any other geometric shape. Leave the imagination at will.

Step 2: Melt the part of the surface that you will first tie with a thin layer of woodfix, and carefully press the crepe paper or napkin and tap it with another layer of woodfix.

Continue until you cover the desired surface.

Step 3: Cover the edges and edges, which are left over, by adjusting the pieces of paper to the surface that has remained.

Be careful about distorted edges.

You can also use other geometric shapes.

Allow it to dry, you can overlay it with a protective lacquer to save the design from damage.

Your new piece of furniture is done!