DIY: How to repair old garden chairs and replace the canvas

You can replace the old canvas on the garden chairs with the macrame technique. See how to do it!

We all have old garden chairs with tattered or deciduous canvas. Since we can not find a new canvas that we like or someone who will sew it, such chairs often end up in waste.

We present a macrame technique where you can easily make new ones from your old garden chairs.

With little creativity and imagination, your garden chairs can get wonderful patterns.

It’s necessary:

200 meters of nylon cord, or a hundred meters of different colors
2 thick and big heels (knitting needles)
metal frame of garden chairs
a lighter and a knitting pattern that can be found on the Internet or used already attached

First remove the existing canvas from the chair. Start from the lower part of the seat and continue to the back.

Use the lighter to attach the nylon rope to not diverge.

Place one canvas vertically, while the other color should be horizontally drawn through them to get the appropriate pattern and pattern.