Instructions to make a garden furniture chair

In one of the previous articles we showed you how to make a garden table. In this text we will show you how to make a simple chair that will fit your desk. Our chair is sturdy, modern looking. You will make a chair for very little money, so you can easily complete a garden set with four or six chairs.


height = 76.5cm
length = 53cm
width = 41cm
Cut the following:

a) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm length 45.5cm – rear legs to be cut at an angle of 15 degrees on either side, parallel to each other

b) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm 34 cm long – upper crossbar, on one side cut a 15-degree bar, it will be connected to the back legs

c) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm length 44 cm – front legs

d) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm 33cm long – front cross

e) 8 pieces 2,5cmx7,5cm board 41cm long – chair seat

f) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm 40 cm long strip – a crossbar that goes between the legs of the chair, on one side cut to 15 degrees

g) 2 pieces 5cmx5cm length 52 cm – back, two parallel bars

h) 1 piece 5cmx5cm length 23cm – backrest, bottom joining connector connecting two parallel backrests

In addition, prepare also: 5cm and 7cm screws, wood adhesive, wood cutter, sandpaper, wood lacquer, hammer, drill, saw, meter, brush.

Before you begin, study well the plan. It is important to carefully assemble the first chair and write the dimensions because there is a possibility that due to the angles of cutting there will be minor deviations. Always drill holes before screwing in the screws. We recommend that you overlap all boards and battens before laying (put the hammock in the holes and damages, wait for it to dry) and pre-sapper.