Make a great chair from a plain wooden pallet

Everyone who “played” in various warehouses and warehouses “socialized” with wooden pallets. They often end up like a fire or, worse, like ordinary waste. And with a little imagination and even less effort and time than them, you can make interesting and high quality chairs, tables, beds, shelves … Whatever you devise!

An excellent garden chair can be done very easily – just like the guys on the video we show you. It would be better to choose higher quality pallets (not from poplar, but beech). When you connect the boards (and you can even do it beforehand), scrub them fine so that the pattern of the wood can come to the fore. Full glow will give them a polish. And it can also be prefarba. Or to make molds (from plain paper) so that graffiti on them is made with the aid of car paint. Or to draw a variety of images on them with a squeegee. Or … Imagination can do anything! And laziness is worse than illness!

If you like to do your own thing, do your own thing for yourself and your home, we have a challenge for you: restore the old armchair or chair!

We have selected several models that can be your inspiration for working on your vintage chair or armchair that has long been waiting for this moment in the attic or in the basement. Some chairs have little color and upholstery material, and for some it is necessary a complete overhaul, but each requires a little money and a lot of love.