Ideas for chairs in the garden

It’s time for new ideas, recycling, gardening. We provide you with brief instructions and ideas on how to create chairs for your garden and balcony quickly and easily.

With a little creativity and a sunny free weekend, you can rejuvenate your garden, balcony or prelude and prepare for the arrival of summer.

The chairs, especially the most interesting, the most creative, are usually sold in inexpensive pens. However, you would be surprised to see how many of us have materials, but now, in their pantries, garages, sheds to build chairs, many designers can show up freely at furniture fairs.

The ideas for the chairs are made of wood, especially pieces of trees, prefarin, say in white and decorated with a colorful pillow. You can create a table from a solid wood (a root, for example) with minimal processing. (One of the most appreciated for this purpose is certainly cherry wood, but also ash or walnut). Interestingly, we used a smaller chest, decorated with a piece of flat wood, coated and worked, painted red (with white circles) and resembling a mushroom.

Interesting chairs (and even tables) can be made with cables, which you can buy even through online sales sites.

The “tabura” of tires for trucks or tractors is particularly unusual. Simply clean the tire, put it in white and fill it with sponges or equipment in the center of the hole, then place an ornamental carpet on top (see gallery).

In some families, they found a solution for old cans and bars. The cans are prefabricated and decorated (for example, they draw flowers) and covered with fabric or cushions. They make high chairs from barrels. They are also prefarbaju, filled with foam to fill the cushions or sawdust up, and at the top of course is a cushion that is attached to the barrels. (If it’s a wooden bure, it means you do not need moss, but it’s certainly better for the table).